Beat Your Boss – Full Edition

Are you tired of being deride and ridiculed by your boss for the things you haven’t done??

Here is your chance to settle the scores with him at least virtually. Beat your Boss is a game in which you can virtually bash and spank your boss’s face by selecting his or her picture from your photo library. The boss will not only respond you with phrases during the beating process as a result your annoyance level going to amplify. This does not confined to your Bosses only but also to any one whom you want to beat the hell out. Just select the picture of the person from your Pictures Library, choose a background place and start beating.

***** FREE version features ******

1. Default one Character
2. Default background of the game
3. Standard set of phrases
4. Share it on Facebook and via Email with your friends.

***** FULL version features ******

1. Choose any picture from Phone Picture library and also mask the chosen character using masking tools.
2. Choose any background you want.
3. Standard set of phrases and Record your own phrases.
4. Share it on Facebook and via Email with your friends.

So start taking pictures using your phone’s camera and let’s beat the hell out of them.

**** Please note that this application is for fun purpose only and to let go of your irritation and If you really need to beat someone up Seek Professional Help. ****

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