Beat Park


“Beat Park” has arrived App Store! This game included 4 different mini games.
They are all connected with music and beat, and it will definitely provide you a new entertainment experience!

Everything in the game will be controled by beat.
Follow the right beat to get badges in Game Center.
It is time to test your sense of music!

In Beat Park, you will need to touch, hold or swipe up to control.

The 4 mini games are:
♪Don mess with puffer♪
Puffers are singing. And you, as a cat, are never going to let a fish be happy! Follow the beat of the singing to hit the puffers with your paw! But becareful, you might hurt yourself by their thorns if you are doing it wrong.

♪Lonely Owe♪
three little lonely owes are plucking the electric wire at night. You are one of them, so you need to collaborate with the other two to play and sing. The teamwork is important so be prepared!

♪Greetings from Kitty Planet♪
You are a kitty work for the post office, and stamp is your job! Stamp according to the music,so that you can send out your greetings from Kitty Planet!

♪Kill Spiderman♪
You are a cat holding a pesticide. When you find Spiderman swining into your house, spray him to protect your home!

You will have a lot of fun in the freshing experiences of “Beat Park”!

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