Beat Monster

Beat Monster is a innovative beat memory game that requires you to listen to various patterns and then tap them back.

Listen to a beat, remember it and then try and tap it out on a table or any other hard surface you can find. If you don’t have a table handy then there is always a touch mode for on the run fun.

Beat Monster has 30 levels, along with online multiplayer for game centered enabled devices so you can battle your friends around the world. Also with a global leader board to keep track of how well you stack up and achievements to push your tapping to the next level.

If your a tapaholic that finds yourself forever tapping on things then this game is for you, and if your not well this game will probably turn you into one.

*AppReviewPros – “it’s out of the box different & A must have!”
*TheAppleGoogle – “Beat Monster is extremely addictive”
*IOS Reviews – “would i buy it… yes, would recommend it, yes i would… all day long, i really like playing this game”

Check out how easy it is to play on youtube

Have some ideas to make this game better or just wanna say hi, send me an email:

N.B. This game needs at least IOS 4.0 for table top play, touch mode is still available for older devices.

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