Beat 21

This is a application to improve your reflexes and flash memory and concentration.
And for Blackjack (21 twenty-one) card counting.
(but not train how to count)

Please guess a card which is not dealt (is not showed).
When Level is N, N cards are shuffled and (N-1) cards are dealt and Please touch a last left card.
For example, in level 7 , 7 cards are shuffled and 6 cards are dealt.
Game Over is when you make 3 mistakes.

If you push the “Once More” button,
You can watch the same cards in the same order.

You can change 3 options below.
(Please push the “Settings” button)

ROTATION: Rotate a card.
0 … not rotate.
π … half.
2π … all.

MODE: card increase order for level up
Horizon … in the same color cards order (Lv1, 2, 3, …)
Vertical … in the same number cards order (Lv4, 8, 12 …)

SPEED: time for dealing the cards
It’s from 0.1 sec to 3.0 sec per a card.

Please press the “Start” button in the upper left, and start the training.

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