BearShot hitbee HD

Super simple approachable bee games, classic gameplay, endless mode, fully tested combination of hand-eye agility, combined with Leo Bear cartoon bees, so you put it down!


This is a story of the little bear and the bee kingdom.
This is specifically for the bear Amateurs to create the exclusive game.
If you like cute cartoon bear, then you must not miss this game!


“BearShot™“ is a cute cartoon shooting game which took six months carefully crafted masterpiece by cloud interactive entertainment company FLO-CLO™.We aspire to create a cartoon brand.In addition to the game,we will serve all the wonderful animation stories ,as well as toys and other merchandise.More details are designing,so stay tuned! 


From time to time we will organize activities, you will have the opportunity to receive a free various Bully BearShot™ peripheral products, please concern: 
BearShot™ sina official weibo 
BearShot™ qq official weibo 
The official website is currently under construction …

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