Bearadise 2

CHRISTMAS BEARS FOR ALL *V* ★★★★★ Featured #1 ‘New & Noteworthy’ in 111 countries including the UK and also ‘What’s Hot’ & ‘What We’re Playing’

Grab it with that big tiger paw – oh and tell a friend, we include co-op & vs multiplayer. Whatcha waiting for :)

NEW BEARS JUST OUT: Bearable! The popping swap-puzzle game – characters from the Bearadise & Bearalot world :) get ‘em before they hibernate.

Macdoogle’s farm is visited by his cousin who has a mysterious illness. At night there are strange werebear noises and shadows, in the morning there are squashed cabbages and juice everywhere! ……NOH!!!

The newly energized ‘Tap & Shuffle’ block puzzle game that will test your ability to organize in the smartest way possible! With one fingertip and a very intuitive control system you can shuffle the cute bears, birds & fruits around. Simply match them into groups of three or more to score huge points!

➭ Game Tip: Hold & drag your finger down the screen to increase the number of animals. This is good if you are a fast player :)

IMPORTANT: You will need iOS 4 or above to play (the game requires it for some features).
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Some comments from around the world:

“I’m not much of a gamer, but I found myself playing this game for two hours straight when I first got it. One thing about the gameplay is that it feels intensely natural and gratifying because you are just sorting the little animals into groups.” – Molly

“我每天都玩,很适合可爱的女孩子” – 哈喽薇薇

“Bearadise 2 is the best game, I love it and I think that you guys should make a Bearadise 3 ! =D” – Eskimo

“好玩,画面也超级可爱” – Jinjin

“The only way to describe this game is funky :)” – Ben

“This game is SOOOOOOOO much better than I expected it to be I love it!!” – Ro

Thanks for all of your support and comments! Hope you’ve enjoyed it:)
➭ MULTIPLAYER – Same device Co-Op & PVP modes.
➭ Collectable gold & items added
➭ New TWIN blocks that boost score
➭ Retina Display
➭ Game Center Ready (includes Co-Op)
➭ Designed for iPad & iPhone

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★★★ Coming Soon: Bearable – The next unbearably cute puzzle game with your favourite characters. 3 types of gameplay, same-screen VS multiplayer and a whole lot of tasty treats. Coming before Sept, your support made this possible :)

★★★ iPad 3 owners: Thanks for your patience, the previous glitch was a nightmare!

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