Be a Princess

Everyone can be a princess.

With Be a Princess, you dream up your own princess, choosing from a great variety of skirts, blouses, accessories and a whole lot of magic.

Use colors from your imagination to make yours the most beautiful princess of all.

Celebrating our first 200.000 princesses, we are launching a big update!

You will find lots of new free items and you can also buy a Premium Pack that includes new categories.
In the Premium Pack you’ll find
-10 new haircuts
-6 new eye shapes
-2 new skirts and a pant
-2 new tops
-4 bijoux sets
-10 pets (one free)
-10 coats (one free)
-10 gloves (one free)
-10 purses (one free)

Once you have your princess, you can share her on Facebook, assign her to a contact, email her to a friend or save her in your camera roll.

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