BBQ Tycoon HD

What’s new in version 1.2.0:
– Christmas style version

What’s new in version 1.1.1:
– Add 3 garbage bins. They are really CUTE, go and get them!

What’s new in version 1.1.0:
– Game Center available, now you can play with barbecuers all over the world. Let’s find out who will be the best! Who will be the No.1 of World-BBQ-Tycoon!

– To Encourage you tycoons, we added some gift packs for sale. Those who got higher scores in game will have chances to get a preferential price for some items. All those gift packs are unique and you are only allowed to get one of each pack, so if you found those gift packs in the shop, don’t miss the chance.

– 2 new grills for expert: Mecha-Age and Modern-Show.

– Hidden stages found themselves hiding too deep to be found, so they decided not to hide anymore.

– Reset is a very shy button, he doesn’t want to be pressed by mistake, so he shrank and moved to a corner.

– Optimized purchase process, you might find it takes less time than before.

– The grills and foods you have purchased before you reset your game are always belong to you. Now you can get them back by click “Restore” button in shop.

What’s new in version 1.0.3:
– Think it’s too hard to play, even for the second stage? Well, that’s not a problem anymore. We reduce the standard score for each level so that you can easily pass the level, even for a beginner.

– And for those uber players, we made a real challenge for you: 2 new types of food to grill, 3 hidden stages, even our designer could not get rank S for all stages! Are you ready to become a true BBQ tycoon?

– For more funny updates, please keep this game in your device and check update often.

BBQ Tycoon is ascendantly ranked from sixth to third in the Free Golden List of China area.
Macao Ranked second in the Games, ranked first in the Action Games , ranked first in the Simulation Games
Hongkong Ranked second in the Games, ranked first in Action Games, ranked first in Simulation Games
Taiwan Ranked third in the Games, ranked first in Action Games, ranked first in Simulation Games
China Ranked second in the Games, ranked first in Action Games, ranked first in Simulation Games

Have you ever try barbecue on your iPhone? try this game, BBQ Tycoon will bring you an exciting game experience!

You are about to grill delicious foods for a crowd of hungry people and make them happy.

– Simple controls will bring you much fun.
– The beautiful food looks so delicious!
– A game that really addictive for you and your family
– Cute scenes, cute customers in game.
– Suitable for all ages.

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