BBQ Heroes

You are the BBQ Hero who throws skewers.
Skewer various ingredients and master the skills of throwing skewers.

Why throwing skewers?

Don't you have a dream of skewering something like….
You can fulfill the dream through "BBQ Heroes"!

[How To Play]

Flick skewers aiming at ingredients.
You compete for the total number of skewered ingredients.
You have 3 skewers.
If you fail to skewer ingredients, you lose a skewer.
you can enjoy special time each 10combos :)
Skewer rare ingredients and then something special happens!?

★★ Performance of FujiTV Games ★★
Overall #1 300,000DL★Number Zone
Overall #2 300,000DL★Million Dollar
Overall #3 540,000DL★Baseball King
Overall #5 460,000DL★Kung-Fu Runner
Overall #5 170,000DL★Chalk Matrix
Overall #6 630,000DL★Block Factory
Overall #9 130,000DL★Sac Fly
Overall #10 100,000DL★Coin Soccer ~World Shot~
Overall #13 110,000DL★Wash Bomb Prisoners!!
Overall #13 110,000DL★NigiriB
Overall #29 290,000DL★Darts World Shot
Overall #30 120,000DL★Mr.Dunk

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