Battleship: Old Alert Lite

Would you like to feel as a Captain? Take your iPhone and play this new version of the widely known “Battleship” game.

In the full version play by Bluetooth or WIFI networks or vs the computer.

You can choose the language your sailors will speak: English,Hebrew or Russian.

Also choose the fleet old or a modern one.

Thanks for the excellent design you can see your ships wavering over the surface of the animated sea.

Play and have a glorious Win!

– Cool Graphic.
– 2D Animation.
– Easy to use.
– Cool Sounds.
– Cool dubbing.
– 2 Fleets: New and Old.

In the full version:
– 3 languages: English, Russian, Hebrew.
– Multiplayers by bluetooth.
– Multiplayers by WIFI networks.


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Coming Soon:
Casino Royal, FCloader, Mecca Compass, Jerusalem Compass

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