BattleFleet Embedded

Blow ships up, anytime, anywhere, right on your favorite iOS device. Fun and free!

Designed to be easy-in, right to the game. No long loads, no cut scenes, no needless menus. Just press start and your in the action. Play a quick game on the way to work, whenever you have a few seconds to spare.

Before there was an App Store, there was BattleFleet. At the time it was called “The best game for iPhone” by TUAW.

Put on your Admiral’s Hat and gear up, ’cause it’s time for… BattleFleet Embedded!

BattleFleet is the game of “Hit or Miss!” played for generations in schoolyards on grid paper. You and your opponent secretly place 5 ships on a 10 x 10 grid: The Aircraft Carrier, the Battleship, the Destroyer, the Submarine, and the PT Boat. The players then take turns trying to sink each other’s ships. If you miss, your turn ends. If you hit, you get to shoot again until you miss.

The game ends when one player runs out of bombs, or sinks all of the other player’s ships.

All of your favorite fast-paced gameplay is here, including easter-eggs (wink, wink).

BattleFleet Gameplay Video Demo on YouTube:

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-Have fun!

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