BattleBog Free

*This isn’t your grandma’s word game. No turn based play here, just fast paced, fastest fingers win exciting game play.

Try BattleBog for Free.

BattleBog is a fast paced word game.
You have a board of 25 tiles. You can make words in any direction from connected tiles.

Play in three difficulties. Easy, Normal and Hard. In three modes, Regular, Ladder and Against others via Bluetooth.
-Easy gives you extra time, accepts 2 letters words, and offers the Qu tile.
-Normal gives slightly less extra time, requires words to be 3 letters or larger but still offers the Qu tile.
-Hard No extra time, and the Q and U are separate. Further more your words must be 4 letters or larger.

BattleBog offers a multiplier bonus and “power ups”. Including “Jump”, “Shuffle” and “Tile Hold”

Each time you create a new word those tiles are shuffled. In challenger mode the tiles that shuffle for you, shuffle for the other player. But watch out if the tiles you are using shuffle before you submit the word, you’ll loose that word.

Single Player Mode offers timed game play or Ladder mode. The Ladder becomes increasingly difficult as you climb. With challenges like blank (unusable) tiles, and tiles that regularly shuffle at given intervals.

BattleBog does not require a degree to play however. It’s rules on acceptable words are fairly relaxed. Three letter words are acceptable in Easy and Normal modes. Achievements for difficult words such a six letter words using Q. Large Palindromes, Large ‘Z’ words. And secret word Achievements.

**Currently only supports English

Built on Cocos2d.

All music © 2006 April Gendill used with permission.

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