Battle Skating

Use great figure skating skills to avoid obstacles!
Push mean judges off!
This is like a fighting!?

★How to control
Flick right and left or up and down to use figure skating skills.

[Flick up] to perform a triple axel.
A skater jumps over an obstacle at the bottom.

[Flick right or left] to perform a Biellmann spin.
A skater pushes away an obstacle in the middle.

[Flick down] to perform an Ina Bauer.
A skater avoids an obstacle on the top.

There are two kinds of programs, and each program offers three difficulty levels.

■Short Program
Perform designated figure skating skills at the right moment!
-The image of figure skating element comes from the right of the screen. Perform the same element with the image when a skater overlaps the image.
-The key to get a high score is accuracy and timing.
-Perform right elements consecutively to get bonus points.

■Free Program
Use various skills to pass obstacles!
-An obstacle comes from the right of the screen. Use various skills to pass an obstacle.
-Perform figure skating elements as many as possible within the allotted time to get a high score.
-If a skater fails to perform, she stops moving for a while.
-Pass obstacles consecutively to get bonus points and increase the remaining time.

-Bunch of flowers (on the top, in the middle, at the bottom)
-Mean judges (in the middle)
-Puddle (at the bottom)
-Mean skater (at the bottom)

The game has an online ranking.
Be the queen of figure skating!!

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