Battle of Syeknom

This is a strategic battle between 2 players
In this game of skill and chance move your characters around the island in a strategic manor
Use the hidden land mines that are placed in random places on the island to your advantage in order to outwit your opponent
Use you moveable carrier pad to launch more reinforcements on to the island
The first player to remove all of their opponents characters wins the war and therefor gains control of the island of Syeknom
A fantastic new board game its game play is unique and the rules are simple and easy to learn
This game has been describe as one of the best 2 player games you will ever play
If you’re a competitive person that likes any of the classics like chess, draughts and backgammon
Then you will absolutely love playing Syeknom it’s more fun, more exciting and be aware very very additive
Play against the computer for a single game or for the really serious players there’s a points system that adds another dimension to the gameplay
You can also play multiplayer against anyone online
So challenge your opponent to one of the greatest battles ever!

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