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Battle for Wesnoth HD iPad Review

Completing every campaign and seeing everything there is to see in Battle for Wesnoth HD is a near-impossible goal. In fact, one might call it the Holy Grail of gaming. This open-source, turn-based strategy game includes 17 massive campaigns, 40 skirmish/multiplayer maps, and loads of races and settings. Best of all, the developer’s track record has shown that new campaigns arrive regularly. The whole package costs a mere $0.99, making it a Must Have for any avid iPad gamer.

On the iPhone, Battle for Wesnoth suffered a bit due to the small screen. The iPad’s larger screen makes up for this, making it much more enjoyable to engage in battles. The extended viewing area takes away the need to constantly scroll around the screen, and it also makes controlling units feel much less cramped.

“Hi, I’m a Mac.” “And I’m a PC.”

Some of the best features found in Battle for Wesnoth HD include the three difficulty levels, well-implemented touch controls, and beautiful artwork that adorns the main menu and loading screens. Perhaps our favorite feature is the cross-platform multiplayer, which allows you to play against others using the Mac, PC, and iPhone versions of the game. However, OpenFeint seems to have been left out of this version of Battle for Wesnoth, and we hope it comes back soon.

One major bug we found is that the screen goes black when you change the orientation of your iPad in the middle of a conversation between characters. This can be remedied by tapping the screen, or avoided altogether with the orientation lock switch. The developer has submitted an update to the game that addresses this issue.

Chances are that if you previously bought Battle for Wesnoth you have yet to beat it. We’d recommend purchasing this version, since it makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. We can’t stress enough the deal you’re getting at $0.99. This one download offers more content than most console games.

Editor’s Note: This review covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.