Battle FanG

Now you can find the new 3D simulation game Battle FanG at App Stores.

The humans have been at war with Major on middle earth for a long time.
The god protecting the humans and the devil who rules Majok have felt the burden of the long war and bet each other over who will control middle earth with just one war.

The race that loses the war can no longer live in middle earth and will die out.

The humans and Majok have been battling for 60 days over the car of a stone called the Summon Meteor.

Now you must become the commanding officer and lead the troops into battle to defend middle earth.

An exciting defense game where you use cool units and colorful spell casters to defeat the monsters~!

There are units with 10 different kinds of jobs and 5 kinds of strong totems.

A unit system which can strengthen abilities with my units alone.

30 kinds of items to strengthen units.

Player spell caster who helps in battle.

A long game made up of 50 stages.

Various strategies consisting of units, items, and player spells.

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