BasketBall Mania

You’re going to be addicted to the free throws! Play BasketBall with your fingertips, wherever and whenever!
Combine accuracy with speed. In “Challenge” mode, you have to score maximum points in a pre defined time. You could compare your score with the best players in the world. So, be the best!
With your fingertips, you could indicate the exact trajectory of the ball, your throw will be done with accurracy.
Aim well and earn bonuses. The more you score in a row, the highest your bonus points.
Focus and a nice shot will get you more points.
To spice up the game, some challenges will be suggested during your gaming (into the dark, with vibration…). You could either refuse them or take the shot!
Let’s go! Shoot and score !

Features :
– Scores management with Openfeint
– Retina HD display
– Music during playing
– Challenges during the game

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