Baseball Legends

Baseball Legends is the premiere baseball trivia app on iTunes! It has over 1,250 trivia questions (more than any other baseball trivia app!) that cover everything from the early days of baseball up to modern times.

Baseball Legends also contains audio from famous moments in baseball such as:

* Abbot & Costello’s “Who’s On First” routine
* Mickey Mantle’s Retirement Speech
* Baseball retiring Jackie Robinson’s number
* Lou Gehrig saying he’s the luckiest man alive
* Cal Ripken becoming the new “Iron Man” of baseball
* Don Larsen pitching a perfect World Series game
* And many more!

There are also baseball cards from famous players like:
* Cy Young
* Ty Cobb
* Walter Johnson
* Connie Mack
* Plus many more!

Baseball Legends is regularly updated to add even more questions and unlockables!

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