Bartender Master

TouchArcade Appletini from New Zealand: I’ll add that this is a fun, light, well-produced game that you can easily play while doing something else (I have my iPad on a stand on my desk, and usually have a board or card game open while I’m writing or otherwise working), and is very simple to pick up.

Bartender: originally a board game, now available on APP Store

Here comes the Bartender Championship!
Mix your Kiss, Astronaut, Long Island Ice Tea and Graveyard by mixing brandy, whisky, vodka, rum and juice!
Show your expertise and contest for the title of “Master of Bartender”!

On both iPhone and iPad


★Game designed by board game experts and veteran players

★Professional bartenders involved to design recipes

★6 kinds of ingredient, 10 quests, and even “bombs”!

★Simple and easy-to-learn, with interactive tutorial to teach you how to play

★Single play v.s. three A.I. opponents

★Each game will be a 5-minute quick battle and fits into your short time slot everyday

Designed and transplanted from the board game “Bartender” and themed cocktail mixing. Mixing various kinds of ingredient (represented by cards of different colors and numbers) to attain a particular sum. Calculation-simple and strategy-light.

Want to know this game? Try following this link:

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