BarSkillz HD – The Ultimate Bartender Game for iPad

Barskillz for ipad is here!

Think you know how to make cocktails? Take the Bar Skillz Challenge and find out how well you really know what’s behind the bar.

Not only does this app have a great drink library with hundreds of cocktail recipes and easy to follow directions, but also acts as a great learning tool to help you memorize all the top drink recipes!

A good bartender can make a drink in less than 30 seconds. Test your own bartending skills against your favorite bartender’s in this addictive and educational game.

Here’s how it works; we provide a random drink (displayed at the top of the screen) and you have to choose the glass type, spirit, mix and garnish from multiple choice options to win. Get a hint and remove half the options from your selection screen, but be prepared – the more help you need, the less you’re going to get in tips!

We’ve included hundreds of the most popular and important cocktails bartenders need to know, such as:

Alabama Slamma
Barbary Coast
Black Russian
Bloody Mary
Cape Codder
Fuzzy Navel
Gin & Tonic
Grateful Dead
Lemon Drop
Long Island Iced Tea
Mai Tai
Pain Killer
Rum & Coke
Rusty Nail
Tom Collins
Vodka Collins
Whiskey Sour

Good luck and happy cocktailing!

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