Barney The Box II

- “The modern Tetris” – Julis Aniudis
– “Teaches you patience” – Javier Dentolise
– “Incredible funny and trains the brain” – Karl Offelse

Short Description:
Drop the moving elements in the right moment and stack the boxes, triangles and stones in a stable way.

Short Story:
Barney needs your help and wants to teach you patience.
As you can see in the video, Barney the Box is very famous and the whole world already helps him to stack the boxes and other elements.

Some time ago Barney really felt sick because he was alone and the only one on earth who wanted to stack the different elements in a stable order.

Be one of the nice human who helps Barney.

You have to click the button in the upper right corner and the different elements will fall onto Barney.
The faster you are the higher will be your score.
Try to stack the boxes in a stable way.
Sometimes you have to play a level more than one time because you have to learn how to solve it correctly.

Compare your score with the score of your Facebook friends.

If you like support us and purchase the in-app item “ad-free”.
No ads will be displayed any more and you support us to develop more levels.

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