Barney & Echo: Dizzy Heights

Guide Dizzy the squirrel up the trees, jumping on baddies, collecting SUPER powers, and answering questions to gain EVEN MORE points. Control Dizzy by tilting your iPhone /iPad / iPod Touch from left to right to guide Dizzy up… But whatever you do DON’T FALL!

In the mystery crates you could get a 10-second burst of super power or sometimes you’ll get a question… get the question right and you will get an extra 5000 points! Dizzy Heights is a fun packed game with questions on social, moral and environmental topics such as:

✓ Staying safe online
✓ Bullying
✓ Knife-crime
✓ Gangs
✓ Drugs, tobacco & alcohol
✓ Environment
The questions are aimed at children and young adults but can even challenge us grown up kids too!

With our InApp purchases you can:
• Make Dizzy jump higher
• Make the platforms wider
• Slow the game down to get further than ever!

• Play the first level for FREE
• Post your scores on Facebook, Twitter and OpenFeint
• In PRO MODE you get an unlimited level
• In PRO MODE you get scored for how high you climb
• In PRO MODE you still get bonus points

Dizzy Heights has OpenFeint enabled with lots of achievements and high scores!

WARNING – You WILL get addicted!

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