Barnacle 3D – Barnacles has conquered the Earth . . . -

Have you ever play 3D Stereograms Action Game!?
It also offer alot of FUN content that you can ENJOY in your life.

+++ How to play +++

*** Tap the 3D BARNACLES ! ***
– Tap them quickly.
– Don’t tap another place.

*** Scrape off the PINK BARNACLES !***
(swipe the screen)
– The game is over if the pink barnacle increases to 10.

■ 3D stereogram ? ■

To put it simply – a flat two-dimensional image viewed in such a way that it produces a three-dimensional effect.

Hold the picture to your nose,
and then very slowly move it away from your face.
Keep staring through the picture
and a 3D image will magically appear before your eyes.

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