Bar Mania

Design your own bars, hire staffs,serve the customers!You can learn many cocktail recipe as well while playing this game!
You are the MASTER of the Bar. Arrange the bar as your dream bar should be!
Earn customer satisfaction with the completely unique cocktail!
Enjoy dressing up your staffs (avatars) as well!

Want to change the way staffs look?
High school uniform, Eyewear, Mohawk hairstyle? – Alright, you are the rule. Change your staffs (avatars) to whatever you want them to look.

after expand to 12 x 12, your bar have special lighting feature as well!!

– It’s FREE!
– Design and build a bar space with your originality and creativity.
– Hire staffs and arrange the way your staffs look with 3D avatar; hair style, clothing, accessories, and more.
– Customize bar menu from variety of recipe.
– Make customers well-fed and happy with drink, service, and decorated space.
– Invite facebook friends to be your neighbors. Visit their bars, too!
– Take pictures to show off to your friends on blog or SNS.
– Sell your furniture or items no longer necessary.
– Find secret items

We will keep updating items or equipments to suite your taste.
Express yourself and share with friends!

Supported Language: Japanese, English, and Chinese.
Inquiries are welcome!

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