Bar Fight Live

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Welcome to the world’s first crowd-sourced, live App development!

We’re building a game called Bar Fight but we don’t know how it will turn out – we need your help!

What is Bar Fight?
• The game will star legendary Hollywood hero Stunt Guy.
• It’ll be about a fight… in a bar.
• Beyond that – we don’t know!

How Bar Fight works:
• First of all download the Bar Fight Live app (it’s free).
• This will give you loads of opportunities to get involved.
• We’ll be releasing many updates to the app.
• Each time we’ll listen to your feedback and build the next update accordingly.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Get the Bar Fight Live app now – let’s make it happen and make history!

About Stunt Guy:
Guy Stunt, A.K.A. Stunt Guy, is the hidden star of Hollywood, taking the place of the biggest stars that ever lived for the greatest, most dangerous stunts committed to celluloid. Find out more and hear from the man himself on Twitter and Facebook:

Get a taste of Bar Fight right now:
Check out our “Stunt Guy” game to get a taste of what to expect from Bar Fight Live. It’s free and finished!

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