Banksia – Chess GM database

Banksia – Chess GM Database


This is a chess database viewer, including a large database of Grand Masters (over 700 thousand games) and a large database of puzzles (mate in 1 and 2).

Experience the world of chess games like never before with this interactive, pocket chess database viewer. You can watch, enjoy chess moves come alive by simply tapping your finger on the screen or let app auto play them. That is a very good tools for enjoying, practise chess

– Free but include much larger database almost all other commercial iPhone / iPad chess databases
– Choose between several board/piece sets
– Easy to control
– Include a large chess database of Grand Masters – over 700 thousand games
– Include a large chess puzzle of mate in 1 and 2 (over 6 thousand puzzles)
– Search/Filter games by players, events, sites or Opening (ECO)

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