Get BANKSHOT, the game EVERYONE is talking about! MILLIONS of players can’t be wrong!
“Bankshot delivers a quick hit of fun… definitely pick it up.” —

How good is your BANKSHOT?? BANKSHOT is Paper Toss meets TRON. And it’s FREE! :)

“Awesome. This is definetly the most addicting game on the app store.” – Psst94
“Better then DoodleJump, this replaced DoodleJump on my bottom row.” – kyleontheradio
“Number 1 in my book… love it love it love it” – now4real
“Such a simple great looking game, but be warned it is so addictive.” – Monkeyblue
“Addictive!!! This game is sooooo much fun :)” – tbpink313
“Best free game!”- Jkbnl
“Great game… insanely addictive!… awwwsome game” – WhiteDragon
“Awesome. This is simply one of the best games for iPod Touch/iPhone out there.” – MovieWatcher001
“Brilliant” – Benjammin316
“Ur the best. I love this game!!!” – Rustyp
“This game totally suprised me. So simple yet so addicting and fun.” – 0verthinking
“This game is FREE and it’s a lot of fun, so try it out!” – itbeTiffany
“Awesome. I love this game it is very addicting.” – Big.G45
“Now the game has kicked in the NITRO!” – LordGek
“Awesome!!! So addicting!!!” – DisappointedinCA
“Everyone should download this game on their iPhone or iPod Touch. Once you have tried it… you won’t be able to stop. This game is so addictive!” – eMate

BANKSHOT is a simple yet challenging game with a fresh look and retro feel. Test your geometry skills and see how many bankshots you can make in a row! Fans of air hockey or pool/billiards will feel right at home.

Now 3 MODES – Classic, XL and Blitz mode with lives, hazards, powerups and more!

Of course, OpenFeint is built-in so you can compare your highscores, unlock achievements and compete with your friends and others!

Ad supported.

Are you up to the challenge? Can you master all the angles?

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