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Bank Rush is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Bank Rush Review

The free flying game Bank Rush reminds us a bit of the music video for PSY’s Gangnam Style: It looks like the cartoon that caps off the video, it’s wacky and random with a sly, antisocial sense of humor, and we can’t stop hitting the “replay” button for more.

Avko Labs really hit it out of the park with their latest game, which has you playing as a bank robber who gets another chance to earn a few bucks when he breaks out of jail. You begin the game by launching yourself with a slingshot between the sawed-off bars of your jail cell window. Once you’re airborne, you can land on prisoners in the exercise yard and maintain your momentum just enough to crash through the bank doors that are conveniently located next to the jail.

I just sold you for a cigarette.

Inside the bank, you’ve got a few seconds for a mad cash grab before you crash through the exit and out into the streets. Here you’ll land on the heads of ordinary citizens (some of whom are carrying wheelbarrows full of cash, or lit sticks of dynamite) to raise your haul even more.

On your first few dozen attempts, you probably won’t make much progress. You’ll either bounce along the ground and come to a painful stop, accidentally land in an open grave, or get picked up by the police. But each run earns you more and more coins, which can be used to improve your performance. You can hire a burly cellmate to launch you even further, or spruce up the rocket shoes that will give you a mid-air boost. You can also increase the frequency of helpful power-ups, like explosives, flapping pelicans, hang-gliders, and a deadly steel ball.

C’mon, pelican!

The appeal of this game is in earning as much money as possible through repeated attempts, and each flight manages to feel unique due to the randomness of the power-ups. On one run, you may catch a rocket and slam through the bank doors without any effort. The next time around, you may find yourself bouncing on citizens’ heads to fill up a fireball meter, earning you more money without actually beating your distance record.

Hours into the game, you’ll still discover a few new tricks. You can hang-glide into the clouds and fly down as an angel of death, swooping in with wings and a halo for a few brief seconds of carnage. And if you collect a million coins, you can unlock an airplane that will whisk you all the way to freedom.

This one’s going over their heads.

We only have two complaints with this game, and that’s the fairly poor English text and distasteful use of the word “cripple” to describe people in wheelchairs. But those can be easily fixed in an update, if the developers are willing. The core gameplay is outstanding, and we got more entertainment and amusement from this free app than we have from a lot of paid games. Bank Rush is a Must Have download, and since it’s free, it’s a game everyone should play.