Bank Job

Bank Job is a challenging, fast paced, running game that is easy to pick up and play and has a unique toon inspired style.

Help bungled burglar, Paulie Barbosa, escape the high security vaults while collecting as much loot as possible. Reach checkpoints to deposit loot or get hurt and lose it forever. Climb up and down between the vaults and sewers all while avoiding high-tech security lasers, spikes, anvils and spinning grinders.

Use the latest in hat fashion to help Paulie make a clean getaway. Want to make some big runs? Just use the Viking Helm to give you a huge, nordic leap. Want to make every piece of loot count? Wear the crown and take the risk out of collecting. Are you a bit of a gambler? Put on the poker hat and choose a card to multiply your haul by up to five times! These, and many other hats will make you the perfect bank robber!

Choose from the five in-app purchases to give your loot the boost it needs to make buying hats a sinch. Grab a little loot for a small amount, or get a billion pieces and never worry about collecting again.

Get as far as you can, or collect the most loot, the choice is yours to make!

“As far as Endless runners goes, Bank Job is easily one of the more original feeling titles and I definitely recommend it for fans of this genre.” – App Store Arcade 8/10

“There is also a great stats page which you can view after your round, you can see your achievements, and online leaderboard results. The game UI and graphics really have a high quality look.” – 4/5

“The best feature of the game however, is clearly the sound track. Combined with the general early century mood, the music is a perfect fit, creating a nearly tangible atmosphere, that I for one absolutely loved. ” – 4/5

“The game has some of the best music and art we’ve seen produced in the indie iOS scene here in Australia, and gives last week’s awesome title, Monstaaa!, a real run for its polished money! ” –

“The graphics are vibrant, colourful and sharp. The jazzy sounds had me nodding my head. The gameplay is pretty solid and it will keep you busy. ” – 4/5

“You can’t beat a good side-scrolling platformer, and Bank Job is our new favourite — and not just because the action is genuinely challenging”

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