Bang Memo: space edition FREE

“Bang Memo: Space Edition” is an innovative memory game with catchy graphics inspired by deep space.

In “Bang Memo: Space Edition” having a good memory is often not enough to make it!

This is a free edition with 12 levels and Game Center enabled!

There are three grid sizes (3×3 – 4×4 – 5×5), two game modes (Levels and Arcade) and 48 difficulty levels (plus a small surprise for those able to get through at least 1/3 of the levels)!

Here’s how the game works:

Each level has a grid and a timer. As soon as the game starts so does the countdown. You must use this time to memorize the objects and their positions on the grid.

When the timer goes off the objects will explode and fall to the ground. You will then have another few seconds to put the objects back on the grid in their original positions.

Scores and stars are perfectly integrated with the Game Center System, where there are three different displays for the top scorers in each category (Levels, Arcade Points and Arcade Stars), besides many achievements to unlock.

Supported devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad

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