BANG! BOOM! Revolver

BANG! BOOM! Revolver is one of the most realistic revolver simulators for your iPhone. Load the gun. Spin the cylidner. Cock the hammer. And then shoot, shoot, shoot!

- Realistic sound, graphics and animations
- Gun “flips” for left and right handers
- Shake to open and close cylinder
- Load bullets in all or selected chambers
- Quick-Load and Quick-Unload all bullets
- Spinning cylinder
- Cock the hammer
- Vibration-effects

How to use the revolver:

- Load all bullets: To load (or unload) all bullets tap on the bullets on the left side

- Load/Unload single bullets: Tap on the cylinder

- Close cylinder: Shake the iPhone or swipe to close

- Spin cylinder: Swipe the cylinder to spin

- Flip Revolver: Flip the iPhone to change from left- to right-handers view

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