Banana Gun Two

After a long peaceful life on Banana Planet, where the Banana People lived in harmony with their *pet* monkeys, things start to change; monkeys start acting differently… and in a way NOT in favor of the Banana people!

The only person who foresaw this was put to prison and was seen as a mad man…not long after, this same person becomes the only hope for the survival of bananas.

In Banana Gun 2 you will get to live a great story in the Banana World, meet many characters and you will be the only one able to save the remaining survivors of the extermination made by the gone-wild monkeys.

Play with Bruce Peel, a hero in a world with no action until now;shoot the monkeys attacking you and use any help you can get from the other survivors you will meet along the journey.

– more than 40 levels
– 2 mini game levels. The Rapid River and the spaceship levels
– over 50 different enemies
– over an hour of cut-scenes and dialogues
– more than 10 hours of game-play

We promise you a great adventure in this epic story :)

You will have 4 different weapons each unlocked at different stages in the game, each one totally different than the other: Shotgun – Machine gun – Sniper rifle – Rocket launcher, and many many upgrades for you, your weapons and your friends.

NOTE: The game runs on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation and is *NOT* currently supported on iPhone 3G.

The first 5 Levels in the game are free, to unlock all the game you can purchase it from within the game.

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