Our Balote game has been downloaded over 500k+ times across different mobile platforms. A strong engine is behind the game as if you are playing against experienced live players.

If you like card games ..this is the game for you. Balot, Baloot or Balote is a card game for 4 players which is played in teams of two.

Balote is one of the most popular card games in the Middle East especially in the Gulf and widely played in France.

Two variants of the game are available Balot simple & Double. Game is played with standard 32 playing cards and team winds when reaching score of 152.

– Balot is now for free for 50 rounds. You can purchase extra rounds or unlimited version
– A more experienced partner & opponents play the game
– Look out for the spider ….. squash it and get some prizes
– We added some animation & graphics with new sound affects
– We added Facebook button to share your score with your friends
– Cards evolve with time as if you are using real cards ….
– And of course fixed some bugs

Keep the feedback coming and thanx for playing Balot from Maysalward.

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