Ballooning Pigs for iPhone/iPad

Ballooning Pigs is a 3D casual game based on a fairy story called “Three little pigs”.

[Carry on their parents to stray birds!]
Their revenge has now begun The content of this game is simple. Only attributable to their parents to rescue birds in the stage, are at the top of the tree. I clear the stage failure protruding out of the screen or touch the thorns, reached the parent birds. It’s ending to clear the 30 stages.

[Let’s aim for a high score to get the fruit!]
Fruit that appears in the stage, the number will increase to double if we continue to get the same fruit in a row.

[Attempt to rescue the birds!]
Birds of a feather in stage 3 is waiting for help. I’ll help found.

■How to play
1. Press Start and choose Stage for starting the game.
2. The game automatically scrolls upward. Move the piglets flick operations, we aim to top of the tree while avoiding various obstacles.
3. Piglet or hit the thorns, I fail protruding out of the screen.
4. It is clear the stage reached in their parents who are top of the tree.

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