Balloon X Balloon Free

“Balloon x Balloon” is a strategy game where you compete the height of the Balloon within the time limit.
The Balloon inflates and rises as you press the UP button.
You control the direction of the Ballon by tilting your iPhone/iPod touch.
The keypoint to getting high scores is to use the rebounds of clouds and other objects.
With all your might, aim for the online ranking highscore!


1: The Balloon inflates and rises as you press the UP button.

2: When a cloud comes to a good spot, release the UP button and let the Balloon bounce off it.
Other animals in the air bounce just like the clouds.

3: By bouncing off the circles with numbers in it, you can increase your remaining time by the number.

■To get high scores■

・The Balloon bounces off the clouds better when it is near the bottom of the screen.
Adjust the location of the Balloon so that it can bounce near the bottom.
Also, the Balloon will rise rapidly if you press the UP button as it bounces.
Press the UP button at the right time to send the Balloon higher.

Rabbit ears: Bounces bigger
Cat ears: You don’t run out of breath
Big animals: Bounces bigger if you hit them at the right moment

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