Balloon Tap: Cat and Mouse – Free addictive game for kids and adults

Help the cute little mice getting to the Moon made of Yummy Cheese while defending them from the cats trying to spoil their escape!

Try to reach the moon in this addictive tap game just with your fingers and your reflexes!

Features include:
* Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
* Bombs that will blow away everything
* Collect a lot of coins by tapping balloons and use them to buy some help
* Share your score in Facebook and Twitter

* Tap red balloons and avoid the blue
* Tap balloons with cats, because they want to stop the perfect mice’s escape to the cheese moon
* Tap cheeses to replenish life and bombs to make a mess
* Make a lot of coins by tapping balloons

Go ahead and play it now for free! The mice’s future depends on your skills!

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