Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop For Kids is a simple yet fun and relaxing balloon popping game.

“Cute and somewhat addictive – hard to put down in mid-game. My kids love it!”

Catch as many flying colorful balloons as you can in one minute. Test your tapping skills and set a highscore!
Each hit earns you a point and increases accuracy. Each missed touch lowers your accuracy, but you can pop overlapping balloons with a single tap.

Be on the lookout for The Black Pirate ballon!

For better experience and scores use multi touch.
Up to five simultaneous touches supported therefore more than one person can play at the same time (“multiplayer coop”).
Can be used as a multitouch tester (enable cross hair in game menu).

There are no adverts or hidden costs.

Kids love it!
+ Easy to play (although can be challenging at reaching best highscores)
+ Nice graphics (colorful balloons and beautiful backgrounds)
+ Great balloon POP animation
+ Relaxing music (can be turned off separately from popping effects)
+ Positive and fun cartoon-like atmosphere
+ Upgrades reflex skills
+ Play with a friend (multitouch)
+ EASY mode for small children or toddlers
+ No ads

To sum it up: fun, simple, relaxing, multitouch balloon popping game for children.

Yes, adults can play it too.

Balloon Pop!

You WILL lose this sooner or later. Try to beat the highscore before you do!
Pop all those party ballons to clear the way for the hot-air balloons.
As you keep clearing the way more and faste balloons will fly, increasing the game’s difficulty!

-Universal App!
-Gameplay individually balanced for iPhone and iPad!
-hand drawn graphics!
-rocking music!
-difficulty increases gradually while playing!
-addictive gameplay!
-Music can be disabled/enabled!

Testimonials from our testers:
-”I kept playing, always trying to beat my own highscore!”
-”Try to beat my 1499 points!”
-”Simple and cool game!”
-”After showing a friend he went and bought an iPod touch just so he could play this game!”