Balloon Pop Extreme

Like to pop ballons? We do.
Balloon Pop is a training facility where your main goal is to pop the most balloons and become the best.
You have 30 seconds. Go.

Move using tilt and shoot by tapping.
Collect bonuses by running into them. Bonuses appear and can be anything from Bouncy Bullets to Time Manipulation.

There are 3 training modes: Beginner, Distracted, and Seizurific

There’s a lot of competition out there, can you succeed and land your name at the top of the global online highscore board?

By the way, this is still a work in progress. I have lots in mind to make this better. If you don’t like it, please post a review of what you didn’t like. Thanks. ;) (Though if you did like it, I wouldn’t mind if you posted a review)

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