Balloon Mania – Pop Pop Pop

This is a supper funny game for people who love popping balloons. Colorful balloons fly and you pop them.
There are two game modes – Classic Mode and Time Mode.
Classic Mode: you have three lives. If a balloon fly away, you lose one life. If you pop a black balloon, game over. Never forget to collect bonus points and lives.
Time Mode: You have to pop 100 balloons in as less time as possible. You also have to avoid bonus time balls which will be pulsed to your time.

☺☺☺HAVE FUN!!!☺☺☺

⚑ Two modes
⚑ Colorful balloons and natural user interface
⚑ Bonus points
⚑ Bonus lives
⚑ Extra points for combo
⚑ Attractive sound effect
⚑ Multi-touch supported
⚑ Game Center
⚑ Share with friends via Email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter

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