Balloon Love

This addictive but simple game is for people who love balloons. If you love balloons, DO NOT miss it!
Love Balloons float across your screen unscrupulously.If you can not bear it, Tap them!!!But be careful!Do not touch black ones.
You can customize the game background as you wish. You can also compete with world wide players for top score.

⚐ Game Center Integration
⚐ Beautiful Romantic HD Graphics
⚐ Two Game Modes
⚐ Multi-touch Supported
⚐ Bonus time in Time Mode
⚐ Bonus lives in Survival Mode
⚐ Bonus Points for Multiple Hit
⚐ Share with Friends via Email,SMS,Facebook or Twitter
⚐ Customizing Game Background

☺☺☺ENJOY IT!!!☺☺☺

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