Balloon Dragon:

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Get ready for an action adventure like never before in Balloon Dragon. The Adventure of a cursed dragon and it’s master Adam to save his beloved Lucia that was kidnaped by Dragula and The Dark Lord.

Story Summary:
What was once a dragon of legends was cursed by Dark Lord into a living balloon. It awaits the arrival of a hero, one that is as brave as he is foolish. For, it is only the hero’s faith that can lift the curse and unleash the true dragon upon the world.

A former prince who ran from the palace to escape war, Adam is now lowly mercenary who earns just enough to feed himself day by day.

A farmer’s daughter who is as beautiful as royalty, Lucia is Adam’s love and inspiration to become more than he is now. She believes that Adam has great courage and could one day reclaim the throne.

This old geezer was once a master treasure hunter, one that adventured through catacombs and ancient ruins for mystical artifacts. Those years are now behind him, and his magical collection is now for sale.

An evil wizard who escaped from the depths of hell to conquer the world with his dark army, if he only had the power to summon it. To regain his strength, he must capture 66 maidens and drain their essence. Lucia is the last maiden. And only Adam can stop him.

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