Ball Popper

Ball Popper is a match-3 style game where you must fling balls up and clear the board. Match 3 or more balls of the same color to clear them.

Join the thousands of people playing this game worldwide!

What people are saying about Ball Popper:

★★★★★ “Absolutely addicting. Great lay out and different pattern. Love the colors and the music.” – Frogs for fun

★★★★★ “Great game! – A good implementation of this style of game, which has been getting good frequent updates.” – VykS

★★★★★ “Fun times – My husband tells me get off my phone, but no its funnnnnnn.” – JJLADY

★★★★★ “Fun, Simple, and Addicting! – Good solid controls and create your own level makes replay endless. Great app!!!” – Jsyi_33


-120 levels of fun!
-Earn up to 3 stars on each level, try to earn all stars!
-Earn a time bonus for completing the level quickly.
-Score extra points by hitting the point multipliers!
-Special bomb ball allows you to blow up nearby balls.
-Earn achievements with Game Center and compare your stats on the leaderboards.

-Play an endless game of waves that get faster and faster as you progress.
-Pop 5 or more balls to earn a bomb ball. Touch the bomb icon once it’s been awarded to activate it. Use them at critical times to get out of trouble.
-See how long you can last and compare yourself against your friends on the leaderboard!

-Play real-time multiplayer with a friend or random opponent over Edge, 3G, or wifi.
-Win the match by clearing your board first, or by outlasting your failed opponent.
-Drop balls off your board and onto your opponents board
-Before each match select one of four different abilities to help you defeat your opponent.

-Make up to 20 of your own levels with the level creator.

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