Ball Busters Lite

Forget about all pong type games you played before! Get new gaming experience from playing Ball Busters – an exciting interpretation of Old-School Arcade Game “Arkanoid” but with a new twist! You’ll fall in love with animated balls that you’ll have to break!

Destroy amazingly-looking balls with your paddle and a ball and don’t forget to catch a multitude of power up capsules that would fall at random from broken balls.

Choose one of 3 addicting game modes and challenge yourself!

Clear all levels in Arcade Mode. Unlock levels as your progress and don’t forget that you have a set number of lives for each level!

Get a heavy dose of ball busting action in Survival Mode: Play random levels, carrying over your score, till you run out of lives.

Hardcore players will adore Survival Extreme Mode: Now the balls drop down every 20 seconds. If a ball reaches the bottom, you lose a life. Be careful!

• Fast Paced Ball Busting Action & Killer Powerups
• 6 Unique Worlds & 120 Different Levels (20 available in free version)
• GameCenter & OpenFeint Support For Online Leaderboards And Achievements
• Fun Themes & Amusing Characters

Be prepared for endless fun and lots of hours of engaging gameplay! Get it NOW!

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