Bakery Chef

Bakery Chef includes TONS and TONS of fun mini-games to keep you entertained over and over again!!!

Bob the Bakery Chef has to make 3 of his favorite desserts for the next dessert competition, but he is always putting stuff in the wrong place and now he can’t find where any of the ingredients are. Help Bob find all the ingredients so he can make his favorite desserts for the dessert competition.

After you find the ingredients in the kitchen, help the Bakery Chef make, bake, and decorate donuts, cakes, and cupcakes.

Earn extra surprises to decorate all the desserts when you play Balloon Pop! Find tons of FUN toys and decorations to make your dessert extra special.


THREE (that’s right 3!) Food Maker games!

Donut Maker!

Cupcake Maker!

Cake Maker

Make, Bake, Decorate your desserts!
Eat & SHARE!!

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