Baker Man

Chef Freddy, also known as the ‘B’Man was a renowned bakery chef. Huge restaurants were paying loads of money to hire him.
‘B’Man was very fond of food. That’s the reason why he could cook so well. Soon that happened which nobody wanted. Freddy was struck by paralysis. He was bed ridden…..
From there began the downfall of his carrier and health.
8 years passed and Freddy had lost all his wealth. He had given up on everything….
Then came the day of a new dawn. He woke up to realize that he was cured miraculously. He just looked at the sky and thanked god for this new life.
Soon he started looking out for opportunities. But after such a long gap nobody was ready to give him a job. But he didn’t give up. He decided to start on his own. He set up his own mobile restaurant. Now let’s see if you can help him serve his best and regain his lost fame.

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