Bad SharkLite

Welcome to the steam ocean world!

★★★A new machinery marine world is waiting for you to experience! ★★★

Here are dozens of lovely mechanical sea creatures and diversity of marine scenes!

You can make some troubles to your neighbors with the sharks.

★★★Every sea creatures has their own characteristic! ★★★

Dozens of sea creatures, each will have different effects on the sharks. Learn to use them!

★★★Multiple roles bring rich changes! ★★★

Three kinds of sharks you can use, more diverse skills,more gorgeous appearance!

★★★The undersea world, just swim! ★★★

Three different styles of ocean scene, no matter you like quiet, like happy, or run like crazy, “Bad shark”is where you can find!

★★★Endless mode, challenge the limit! ★★★

Want some stimulation?Try the Infinite patterns. Let’s see who is the king of destruction!

★★★Double battle makes unlimited joy! ★★★

It is much joyful to share the joy than enjoy alone. Jump into the steam ocean and have a PK with lovers and friends!

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