Bad Air Day

Universal Rating: 4+

Bad Air Day is a game from GameHouse, originally released 3rd February, 2011


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Bad Air Day Review

Elevator flatulence is a complex issue. When discussed among friends from a critical distance, it can be hilarious. When you’re actually in an elevator that smells like rotten eggs, it’s like you’re trapped in a sarcophagus. And if– heaven forbid– you’re the guilty party in an elevator packed with people, it’s a source of suicidal embarrassment. Bad Air Day, a game centered around farting in elevators, is kind of like the first one: it lets you experience the gaseous gross-outs, but from a safe remove.

You play as an elevator operator in a swanky hotel called Le Fumé. Earlier in the day, you made the tragic mistake of stuffing yourself full of spicy Mexican food at a taco buffet. Now you’re at work, stuck in an elevator all day long with a belly full of gas. It’s out of your control: the gas squeaks out in a nonstop series of giant noxious green clouds. Your job as the player of Bad Air Day is to waft the farts into the air vents on the elevator’s ceiling.

You do this by swiping your finger across the screen to create air drafts that push the rotten clouds where you want them to go. It’s a very intuitive control scheme, and you generally have a good deal of control over the gas.

The dog definitely knows…

But since you’re in a public space, you’re never alone. A terrific assortment of characters is constantly entering and exiting the stinky space. This means that while you waft the fart clouds safely to the vents, you have to make sure to steer clear of everyone’s noses. If they sniff enough of your toxic fumes, they explode into a pile of bones and you lose a life. When that happens three times, it’s game over.

The characters come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re all drawn and animated with great cartoony wit. There’s a chuckling wealthy business man and an elderly woman holding a dog. There’s a roller girl who skates left and right, a disco dancer with rhythm in his soul, and a mechanic who will fix the elevator if it breaks down. You’ll also see dogs, robots, UFOs, and delivery men with crates that block the flow of your gas. The one thing uniting all of these passengers is that they hate the smell of flatulence.

However, there’s one little creature who thrives on farts. His name is the fart fairy. This little bugger appears often and demands that you waft some of the odorous air his way. Give him his fill, and he goes away happy. Keep him fart-starved long enough, and he explodes into a blob of gas that you have to deal with in addition to your own.

The fart fairy IS real!

This is a high score game, so it becomes ever more challenging the higher you get. More passengers pack into the elevator, and their tolerance for your taco-tinged toxins goes down. When you fail, as you inevitably will, your score gets blasted to Game Center, which handles the game’s leaderboards and achievements.

Our biggest complaint is that there’s not a whole lot to the game. As polished as it is, you’ll have seen just about everything to see in the game in a single elevator ride. Don’t get us wrong– it’s a lot of fun to play, but there’s not enough here to keep you coming back to for weeks to come.

Bad Air Day may fit into the extremely over-exposed, over-played, over-killed genre of fart apps, but you won’t find a sillier, more polished fart game on the App Store. Kids will love it and it’ll make adults smile. It’s a game for the whole family. Just remember to breathe.