Backyard Zoo Africa

★★★★★ NEW Wildlife Jeweled Game! Fun and Addictive!
♛ Animal Match Game with Real Animal Sounds! 3n1 Games
♛40 Puzzles [Featured in Whats Hot! Music Section USA]
♚ Background Africa Photo Animation, ♚ African Tribal Drums Background Music ♬

Welcome to Backyard Zoo Africa iPhone Game

The Backyard Zoo Africa was inspired by the love of the outdoors and animal wildlife around the world. This iphone game was developed for preschool kids in mind, however, anyone can play and enjoy the images of animals and birds with sound effects.

The iphone game provides an animation and sound effects while matching the various pictures. To mix the image tiles and retrieve more new animals and sounds, press the Shuffle button or left bottom button. Also, the user can display the name of the animals in five different languages from English, German, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Also, you can play the animal sound again by tapping the matched picture tiles making animal music.

Listen to sound of various wild animals like

Kudu Antelope
Mandrill Monkey

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