Backyard Bugs

Backyard Bugs made it to the Top 100 Apps in the following countries for Action & Arcade Games:
UK, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, & Netherlands

Top 500 Apps in the following countries:
China, Madagascar, Yemen, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Honduras, Bolivia, & Trinidad and Tobago for Action & Arcade Games!!!

6 Different Bugs To Play With:

★ Ladybug
★ Bumble Bee
★ Butterfly
★ Dragonfly
★ Beetle
★ Grasshopper (BRAND NEW !!!)

Each Bug has different game play. Some fly better, others bounce higher. Play with them all and see which one you like best while the Angry Birds are on vacation.


• Single Touch game controls
• 6 Different Bugs to play with
• The game is different each and every time you play.
• Big Boosts come from doing 5 Perfect Bounces. Enjoy flying high!
• OpenFeint enabled. Game Center coming soon.
• Easy enough for everyone to learn, but still fun enough to play over and over again.

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Watch a video Demo:

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