Backgammon Online 2

- Supports iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5
– Supports the new iPad’s Retina display
– Also available for OS X in the Mac App Store

Backgammon Online is the first internet-capable backgammon app in the App Store and Mac App Store. Play anywhere at any time against real people.

You can choose between two server to play on:

• the vivid First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS, see
• or Game Center


• On FIBS there are also very sophisticated bots of different playing strengths which are a serious challenge to even the most skilled Backgammon players
• Creating a new FIBS account is just a matter of finding a suitable user name, no web-site visits or personal informations required
• Automatic forced moves and bear-off
• Integrated FIBS Chat and Game Center Text and Voice Chat
• All aborted matches are automatically saved
• Ratings for each player are based on match results and other factors, thus you can easily find a player with your playing ability. The same algorithm is used for both FIBS and Game Center accounts, thus it is easily compared
• Tap or drag or multi-drag your tiles back and forth, using backgammon on a device has never felt so naturally
• You can also play offline (use as an Backgammon Board)

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